Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So this blog is LONG overdue. I thought I would fill everyone in on how things got started and how it's going now at Piece O'Cake's brand new and only location now located at 91 Prince William Street.
When we first started this Journey back in May, we looked for a location with the expectation that it may take a while to find the perfect spot for Uptown Saint John's first cupcake shop. Firstly we (My husband and I) decided we definately wanted a location uptown after asking many of you our fans where you thought we should open. 99% of you said this location would be the most visited. So after just one day of looking at spaces for lease, we were led to 91 Prince William Street, formerly Compu College. The first thing that caught my eye was the 3 awnings outside and the 2 HUGE show windows and then I prayed that inside had some potential for what we wanted to do. I have to say I was 100% sure I wanted this spot as soon as I walked through the doors. Of course it was nothing like what it looks like now but the potential was so huge I could taste and smell those cupcakes baking right then! We met with Keith Brideau our landlord now and he chose us to be his tenants as he saw great potential on Prince William with our business and what it could offer Uptown.
Now the tough part began! Make this thing come together quick. We knew we wanted the cruise ship business, so the goal was to open before the fall, as that was when most of the ships docked. I did think we would be done by August but  anyone that knows what goes into creating a new business they know that  things don't always go so smoothly or as quickly as you want it to! I have to say there is so much more involved in owning a business outside of your home. At times you feel overwhelmed and impatient, nervous and excited at the same time.
Slowly things were coming together and little by little you got a glimmer of hope we will be opening the doors soon. Our designers at Design for Space Inc. really exceeded our expectations and were very easy to work with. They handed over our design and we went from there. My father in law and my husband made that display counter that features all our cupcakes. I was pretty amazed by the talent they had to build such a beauty.

Finally everything was put together, finishing touches done and now time to set our opening date. We announced our opening date for September 23rd 2011 at 10am. We had a half an  hour delay on opening but we did it! At first myself and my husband were the only employees in the kitchen. I baked and iced and he made the icing. We had no idea how many people to expect , so the question is how many cupcakes do you make? Well I honestly lost count after being there till 1am the previous day. It was a crazy opening day and figured out within a couple of long nights and days that I really needed help. So we quickly hired two bakers for our kitchen. Jessica Ganong and Evan Smith. Two really hard working people who I have really helped us through this learning process in a brand new business. While they are taking care of the kitchen,  I do keep busy with the front of the shop, paperwork, custom and dessert cakes, taking orders and making sure everything is taken care of at the store. Always expect the unexpected and take it day by day.