Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where I came from?

So I was born in the Beautiful Caribbean Island of Barbados. Grew up with one sister. We had a pretty great life and I always knew as a kid I wanted to get into something artistic. I would always be into designing clothes and sketching , just randomly showing every stranger my new Fashion trends. I day dreamed about being a fashion designer and I had a best friend who did the same. We even dressed the same which right now is quite embarassing, but I guess it can't be more embarassing than "How" We dressed. Short Frilly skirts with Leggings underneath, Short Bob hair cuts and bright eyeshadow. Anyway , I always knew I loved Fashion and drawing but then turned into the direction of Travelling eventually. When I was 14, my parents split which was not so terrible as we were young and moving to a different country which was very exciting at the time. Always loved to fly and airplanes really facinated me. We moved to India which is where my parents were before they got married. So my mom, sister and I got on a plane and or lives changed drastically from there. This is a totally different story all together.  Long story short, I moved back home when I was 18 and searched for something to do. I knew I loved Travelling so I sent my resume into the airport numerous times. Finally , recieved news that I had an interview and ended up being recruited as a Passenger Agent. I absolutely loved this job because It allowed me to be moving constantly and meeting new people on a daily basis
Eventually I felt like I needed something different and couldn't stay in one place. I just knew there was something bigger for me. My sister was studying in Fredericton NB Canada at the time , and So i decided to follow her. Thought I could find some sort of course here maybe in the field I was already in, only seemed fitting. So I signed up for a course at a College In the same city as her. During this time I met a guy who is now my husband and well I finished my course , got a job in the travel industry and we got married. I always knew there was still something I wasn't seeing as "my Calling". I decided to let life come to me. Soon enough we got pregnant. My hubby had to move cities for work. I took that as a sign that the job I was in wasn't for me.  Previous to this , a friend had asked me to take a course with her decorating cakes. It was a simple basic icing course. Nothing fancy but it introduced me to cakes and before this, I had NO interest in baking much less decorating. Anyway, after we moved and I was pregnant, I decided to make cakes for family and friends just to feed my new passion and maybe learn some things . I soon realized that I had a skill or Talent some may say. I loved it and I knew I wanted to do it as a business and maybe then I could stay home and be with my child instead of paying for day care which costs half of most salaries. It would be the best of both worlds. So Here I am and making it work to the best of my ability. I have been working extremely hard at learning new tricks . I feel I have been improving from the time I started making the occasional cakes for family get togethers. What gives me the most satisfaction is to hear when people say they love my cakes and also that they taste incredible. That makes my Day! Well I hope you Enjoy these blogs and visit my site to see more cakes to come. Have a sweet day!

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