Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So this blog is LONG overdue. I thought I would fill everyone in on how things got started and how it's going now at Piece O'Cake's brand new and only location now located at 91 Prince William Street.
When we first started this Journey back in May, we looked for a location with the expectation that it may take a while to find the perfect spot for Uptown Saint John's first cupcake shop. Firstly we (My husband and I) decided we definately wanted a location uptown after asking many of you our fans where you thought we should open. 99% of you said this location would be the most visited. So after just one day of looking at spaces for lease, we were led to 91 Prince William Street, formerly Compu College. The first thing that caught my eye was the 3 awnings outside and the 2 HUGE show windows and then I prayed that inside had some potential for what we wanted to do. I have to say I was 100% sure I wanted this spot as soon as I walked through the doors. Of course it was nothing like what it looks like now but the potential was so huge I could taste and smell those cupcakes baking right then! We met with Keith Brideau our landlord now and he chose us to be his tenants as he saw great potential on Prince William with our business and what it could offer Uptown.
Now the tough part began! Make this thing come together quick. We knew we wanted the cruise ship business, so the goal was to open before the fall, as that was when most of the ships docked. I did think we would be done by August but  anyone that knows what goes into creating a new business they know that  things don't always go so smoothly or as quickly as you want it to! I have to say there is so much more involved in owning a business outside of your home. At times you feel overwhelmed and impatient, nervous and excited at the same time.
Slowly things were coming together and little by little you got a glimmer of hope we will be opening the doors soon. Our designers at Design for Space Inc. really exceeded our expectations and were very easy to work with. They handed over our design and we went from there. My father in law and my husband made that display counter that features all our cupcakes. I was pretty amazed by the talent they had to build such a beauty.

Finally everything was put together, finishing touches done and now time to set our opening date. We announced our opening date for September 23rd 2011 at 10am. We had a half an  hour delay on opening but we did it! At first myself and my husband were the only employees in the kitchen. I baked and iced and he made the icing. We had no idea how many people to expect , so the question is how many cupcakes do you make? Well I honestly lost count after being there till 1am the previous day. It was a crazy opening day and figured out within a couple of long nights and days that I really needed help. So we quickly hired two bakers for our kitchen. Jessica Ganong and Evan Smith. Two really hard working people who I have really helped us through this learning process in a brand new business. While they are taking care of the kitchen,  I do keep busy with the front of the shop, paperwork, custom and dessert cakes, taking orders and making sure everything is taken care of at the store. Always expect the unexpected and take it day by day.  

Friday, June 17, 2011


As we approach the opening of our brand new cake and cupcake shop in Saint John, there are many things to be done and a LOGO is a big part of this process, so I thought I would get all the fans involved in helping me out since they have a good feel for my work. I thought let's hold a contest for the best logo that best suits POCCC. In the coming week I will post them on my fan  page and have fans vote for their favourite logo but final say would be ours of course. The winner will recieve a custom cake worth $100 upon opening of our new storefront and 3 Runners up will recieve 1 dozen specialty cupcakes. To ENTER email with your designed Logo to by Friday JUNE 24th. Here are some examples of logos that catch our eye :


Hopefully we can come up with a Brand New and Unique logo that attacts the eye and helps you to better know Piece O'Cake Custom Creations.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So my Husband's Uncle is a HUGE Boston Red Sox Fan and His Wife Gail asked if I was up for a challenge. So knowing myself, I am always up for a challenge, I jumped right on this. Yes in the back of my mind I was freaking out thinking, How in the world am I going to do Fenway park!? My husband is an engineer so I asked him to help me carve it out with a template he found and printed off. It was a LONG process and we butt heads many times along the way just because im a decorator and a perfectionist in the art of cakes, so it was tough leaving something like this in the hands of someone else. Started off with a couple slabs of cake , iced and carved using templates. A few pictures below make it look simple and then we have the finished product. The Birthday Boy was Extremely pleased and refused to cut the cake. Its sitting on his place of honour still i am guessing.

Its all the little details that made the difference and what took the most time! Im pleased with the way it turned out . The only fault I made was spelling his name wrong..OOPS! I think he was too distracted to notice! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gleeks Cake

When I was approached to do this cake for Kennedy, I jumped right on it. Her Mom Lisa informed me that Kennedy has Charge Syndrome and has been through a lot , so she wanted a special cake for her 13th Birthday. Turning 13 Is a Big Deal to Kennedy  and so is Glee! So the cake I decided to do was just something I threw together as I went. The Hand was the coolest to make and I had to make this a couple days In advance in order to dry. The Name and the 13 were also predone because they needed to be airbrushed and dried with silver. I had somewhat of an idea as I knew Kennedy was in love with Music. I wanted to go with pink but the black and red just meshed really well together seeing that the school colours for Glee were red and black and I just love those colours. The Big Quench cup was also made out of cake. All of this being pound cake with Raspberry Buttercream.
At the end of it all, I guess this was the masterpiece that turned up. No Drawings, just going with the Flow. I was informed that Kennedy absolutely Loved her cake and I made her day a little more special. : )

Visit Kennedy's blog, what an amazing girl and her Family is just as amazing!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridal Show 2011

I only had 5 days to get my stuff together for my first bridal show. Not knowing where I would begin, all I knew is that I wanted to give the brides a wonderful experience. First thing is Pick Flavours. I chose to do Red Velvet , Pina Colada , Chocolate and Chocolate Raspberry and then some Yummy Chocolate Cake truffles. What's a perfect size cupcake for this kind of Event? I Decided to go with a medium size, all done in two bites. Perfect especially this time of year since everyone is watching thier weight after the holidays.
The next thing on the list was pictures. I Quickly had to create a photo album of wedding cakes for people to look through at the booth. Also I thought a laptop would be great for slideshows but then hubby came up with a monitor idea, so we connected the two and ended up being a lovely display. We have a display cake which i used in October for my bridal tasting, so that was a check! Lastly was Decoration. I did the best I could with that. Found these Adorable Polkadot Gerbera daisy Flowers at Michaels and had some things laying around to create a floral showpiece. Also chose some ribbon to go around my Cupcake stand to make it pop. Overall I think it was put together pretty well. If I had more time , I would have gotten a Banner made but I was pretty satisfied.
Doors opened at noon and it was just crazy from there. Cupcakes were flying off the shelves! Brides were taking thier Price lists and flavours and looking through wedding cake pictures. It was great! All the Vendors Booths were so amazingly decorated. I kind of wanted to plan my wedding all over again. :) After all the chaos , the bridal gown fashion show started and I bought myself a glass of Red Wine from the bar and just enjoyed it .  I met some amazing people there and had two amazing helpers. I look forward to another amazing show in the future!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What 2010 meant to me ~~ 2011 Resolution

Well 2010 has ended and all I can say is Phew, I made it. It was my first full year for this new business I created by accident. Although I do think, there are no such things as accidents and this was meant to be. I have learnt so much about myself and the art of cake decorating and baking in just a year a half. Started off with a small group on facebook and came up with the name Piece O'Cake Custom Creations, then extended to a fan page which brought on more people that I could imagine. I like to think that people are following my work everyday, it definately motivates me to do better. I have to thank so many people for what I have been able to accomplish . Firstly, My friend Di who asked me to take a basic course with her in 2009, then youtube, internet and all the books and dvd's I purchased for teaching me everything I know, Facebook , this wouldnt be possible without this brilliant social network, My hubby for letting me know I can do better, and of course All my family , Friends and  Fans who support me and encourage my success.
I have to say I Love to read the comments on my cake creations and all the likes. I love to see all the looks of people's faces when they see it for the first time and the photos taken at the party with the cake. The cake is a big part of your day whether it be birthdays, babyshowers, weddings etc.  I've definately put my heart and soul into each and every one and I can only hope it shows in looks and in taste !
Now 2010 , there have been a "Bumps in the Road" but all in all, I think you've been a pretty successful year and I can't wait to see what 2011 brings. I intend on working harder , getting better and coming up with fresh inovative ideas. I hope all of you who follow my progress keep the comments coming because that's what keeps me going. To know my creations are recieving all the appreciation and wows makes it all worthwhile for me. Thank you to Everyone for 2010, A Brilliant Cake Year!