Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So my Husband's Uncle is a HUGE Boston Red Sox Fan and His Wife Gail asked if I was up for a challenge. So knowing myself, I am always up for a challenge, I jumped right on this. Yes in the back of my mind I was freaking out thinking, How in the world am I going to do Fenway park!? My husband is an engineer so I asked him to help me carve it out with a template he found and printed off. It was a LONG process and we butt heads many times along the way just because im a decorator and a perfectionist in the art of cakes, so it was tough leaving something like this in the hands of someone else. Started off with a couple slabs of cake , iced and carved using templates. A few pictures below make it look simple and then we have the finished product. The Birthday Boy was Extremely pleased and refused to cut the cake. Its sitting on his place of honour still i am guessing.

Its all the little details that made the difference and what took the most time! Im pleased with the way it turned out . The only fault I made was spelling his name wrong..OOPS! I think he was too distracted to notice! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gleeks Cake

When I was approached to do this cake for Kennedy, I jumped right on it. Her Mom Lisa informed me that Kennedy has Charge Syndrome and has been through a lot , so she wanted a special cake for her 13th Birthday. Turning 13 Is a Big Deal to Kennedy  and so is Glee! So the cake I decided to do was just something I threw together as I went. The Hand was the coolest to make and I had to make this a couple days In advance in order to dry. The Name and the 13 were also predone because they needed to be airbrushed and dried with silver. I had somewhat of an idea as I knew Kennedy was in love with Music. I wanted to go with pink but the black and red just meshed really well together seeing that the school colours for Glee were red and black and I just love those colours. The Big Quench cup was also made out of cake. All of this being pound cake with Raspberry Buttercream.
At the end of it all, I guess this was the masterpiece that turned up. No Drawings, just going with the Flow. I was informed that Kennedy absolutely Loved her cake and I made her day a little more special. : )

Visit Kennedy's blog, what an amazing girl and her Family is just as amazing!