Sunday, December 12, 2010


Based on a series of Children's books, Walter the Farting dog makes his appearance in thousands of people's homes. So when I was asked to do a farting dog, my first reaction was..To laugh of course.I have to say, Walter is more than a dog to me, he was my friend during this process!  Here is the final product. Walter's Head is made out of Rice Krispies Treats and covered in fondant. His Body is Pound cake and caramel icing in between 6 Layers. He was about 2 feet tall and weighed what I thought was  TON. Below are some pictures that my customer sent along with a rave review on how good a dog he was. They also kept his Head and froze it  for a future appearance at next years Christmas celebration.
Here is what my customer had to say about her experience with Walter.

"There were 19 of us at the party and Walter made his appearance as everyone was finishing Lunch.......He was a huge hit. Everyone wanted their picture with him!!! After the pictures were taken, Walter was analyzed to see how he should be ...eaten.......this took awhile. We also had to say a few words about him before the moment of carving.......All I have to say is that he tasted wonderful and everyone took a layer of him home. My in-laws were so impressed with the creatation they decided to freeze the top of the cake to make it`s re-appearance at next years party. Thank-you Sherry for making our idea come to life!!!!!!!!"

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  1. Great idea and greater creation! Kudos Sherry!