Monday, December 13, 2010


Here are a Few of my proudest Wedding cakes with a little blurb about them.
This Cake was for an Alice In wonderland Themed Wedding and the entire setting at the reception hall was Phenomal I just have to say. They had a candy table and little tea cups at the head table..Pictures of the Story of Alice in Wonderland when you walk in. Just beautiful. This Cake was not your ordinary wedding cake but it was definately one of the most fun and interesting ones. Topsy turvy cakes are never easy and especially in the heat. The Trick is to get it to look like a cake that could potentially fall over but doesn't. Delivery was definately the most Nerve Wracking part of this whole experience.  So the bottom tier is a print inspired by the queen of Hearts, the second last tier was inspired by the cat from Alice In Wonderland  , the second from the top was inspired by Alice herself and the very top one is just an overall inspiration from the World of Alice. It was Chocolate cake and was loved by everyone.

This was for a friend and Mine you I had to deliver it about 1 1/2 hours and It was definately stressful as all my cakes give me stress when I have to deliver. Simple white with Black ribbon and Hand made Sugar Calalillies dusted with some Lavender dust. I got to cut this cake and Eat it too. I thought it was Yum and so did all of other guests! One guy came up to me in the kitchen and asked for a sugar Flower just to give his father because he loved sugar flowers.

This is one of my Proudest. I love how the sugar flowers stick up out of the cake. Gives it that Dramatic look.The Silver stand was provided by the client which I thought was just so beautiful and fitting for this kind of cake. This was picked up by the Groom to travel with to St. Andrews on the most stormy rainiest day in August. I was so nervous as I didn't deliver it . Wedding cakes and cakes for that matter are so fragile and especially a cake like this with so much at stake. But the cake made the event and the Bride loved it! She said people couldn't stop saying how delicious it was.

I just love this one, It has that elegance to it that when you walk into a reception it stands out. Thats the idea right? To have a wedding cake that stands out but not more than you of course. :) I love the topper especially as its not your traditional bride and groom topper which most people aren't opting for nowadays. The bride said the wedding cake was a big hit and tasted fantastic.

I was asked to do this cake and in the time Crunch I decided to order sugar flowers but then realized they were the wrong then....I had to make them just how the bride wanted them which was white lillies with black dots. I have to say, I liked mine better than the ones I ordered and the Bride absolutely loved her cake.

A Trocial Theme. Definately fit for a beach wedding right? The Couple got married in Mexico and decided to have their reception with all the people who couldn't be there. So the bride's sister ordered this one and said she wanted it to look tropical with some sea shells and this is what I came up with. The sea shells are sprayed with pearl sheen and everything is edible including the sugar lillies. The Bride Loved her cake!

I loved this one because it had that statue like elegance and poise.....I just love how the middle layer is taller than the rest. This cake was sprayed with a gold sheen and wrapped around with some beautiful gold and burgundy ribbon to contrast. The flavours were well enjoyed. the bottom was Pina Colada, middle Marble and top red velvet, the grooms favourite.

Now this is my favourite and it took me the longest out of all of them. It was for my sister-in Law and Brother In-Law. We all went for thier wedding in jamaica and came back , had a reception for the people that couldn't be there just to have cake! :) Well not really. Anyway, she had no idea what I was doing for her and I came up with the idea of having all the great moments of the day documented on the cake so that everyone at the party who couldn't go, could see them and eat them if they wanted to. The photos are all edible black and white and each picture was bordered by tiny little fondant flowers. Each tier was on fake Tier wrapped in Black Ribbon  to give that tall sleek elegance.  They both loved their cake and so did everyone else! I to to cut and eat this one too. Each tier was a different flavour. The Groom specifially requested Bailey's cake .

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  1. They are all so gorgeous but that Alice in Wonderland cake is whimsical and different than you normally see at a wedding. I would've loved to have seen the hall for that reception!