Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gleeks Cake

When I was approached to do this cake for Kennedy, I jumped right on it. Her Mom Lisa informed me that Kennedy has Charge Syndrome and has been through a lot , so she wanted a special cake for her 13th Birthday. Turning 13 Is a Big Deal to Kennedy  and so is Glee! So the cake I decided to do was just something I threw together as I went. The Hand was the coolest to make and I had to make this a couple days In advance in order to dry. The Name and the 13 were also predone because they needed to be airbrushed and dried with silver. I had somewhat of an idea as I knew Kennedy was in love with Music. I wanted to go with pink but the black and red just meshed really well together seeing that the school colours for Glee were red and black and I just love those colours. The Big Quench cup was also made out of cake. All of this being pound cake with Raspberry Buttercream.
At the end of it all, I guess this was the masterpiece that turned up. No Drawings, just going with the Flow. I was informed that Kennedy absolutely Loved her cake and I made her day a little more special. : )

Visit Kennedy's blog, what an amazing girl and her Family is just as amazing!


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